DC Freedom Fighters BLM March 2020 Photo: Linsay Culver

Yesterday was a day for the history books. A culmination of a convergence of conspiracy theories, disinformation, and pandering that resulted in the very real, attempted overthrow of our government. The only reason it was not successful is because there were no master tacticians leading the charge. …

Me in 2007 with my AF Veteran grandfather, James Poda

I was raped when I was in the Air Force. I was raped. The sentence still makes me feel disgusting and dirty. In fact, it took me almost five years to acknowledge what happened to me was actually a rape — mostly because I blamed myself. …

Linsay Culver

Linsay is a veteran and prior Intelligence Analyst for the Air Force, and a military spouse. She has a BS in Psychology, enjoys writing, and politics.

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